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Francois Renaut

Maitrise de Gestion (Universite Dauphine - Paris)
Profesor Marketing (Universitate ESCA - Alger)
Profesor Tehnicii Comerciale (ESVE - Paris)
Formator Analiza de Risc (CEPME - Paris)



With Grup Patronal Romania Moldova

Commercial Coaching for  the directors of small and medium enterprises.

We  accompany you to help your commercial team to progress in their actions.We  intervene on your side to support your sales team on the field, organize meetings and training report.

We take care of your recruitment for commercial representatives.

In the absence of a commercial director, choose our solution for commercial coaching team.

We assist you directly, filling the role of sales manager for your team. exl_marlene: Our objectivity allows you to benefit from a new vision of your commercial practices.

Sales team management is an activity that you could partly to outsource successfully.

Delegating our new commercial coach role, you will gain time to focus on other strategic responsibilities for the firm.

Please contact us !

Grup Patronal Romania Moldova

Bucuresti - Chisinau - Milano - Paris

Email: office@euro-contact.org
Website: www.euro-contact.org

Grup Patronal Romania Moldova is an informal organization that provides its members with services facilitating their establishing and commercial development both in Romania and in the Republic of Moldova. Both Romanian and Moldavian entrepreneurs benefit from our services and thus develop their services and sales throughout Europe.Our Romania / Moldova newsletter aims to be a source of information for a large business community in regard to the possibilities of finding new partners and new business.This B2B newsletter is distributed to over 500 000 emails in Romania and republic of Moldova