François Renaut
President Group Patronal
Romania Moldova



« I am present in Romania since 1991

and since 2000 Republic of Moldova "

I - marketing stategy

II - E-marketing strategy

II - Corporate offer

OFFER" Corporate Assistance "

Do you want to be represented / assisted

by our Group Patronal in Romania and Republic of Moldova?

Are you interested ?
1. 1 Selling or buying a bussines ?
Compani, ferms,, hotel, commerce, land
2. Develop a projetc?
3. Find a partner ?

4. Counseling?

GPRM represent you in your purchase transaction or sale. (Click) (Click)
GPRM negotiate between with the seller or buyer.
GPRM monitors operations
GPRM provides experience for a successful scenario

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And choose a Corporate subscription !

For you, we are an arbitrator mandated to act in the best interests of the parties involved to:

  1. lead to an "optimal" solution while respecting the aspirations and constraints of each
  2. to achieve our performance in the context of a professional ethics

Our contractual conditions depend on the purpose of the mission and the importance of investment.
We propose for each mission a specific contract which includes:

- A lump sum: our group’s services *-

Contract "Romania/Republic of Moldova" :  
1 189,00 €

For additional services Consulting and intermediation:
- Contractual offer outlining our obligations and the conditions for achieving
- An advance fee: according to the mission
- Success fees: depending on the mission

    We are at your disposal for any further information.

    If you are interested we will send you a detailed offer.
    Do not hesitate to contact us to arrange an appointment.

* The Offer Group Patronal Romania Moldova includes:

1- Communication services and products "Your Company" on one of our newsletters (3 appearances)
2- Display your Business Opportunity (7 languages) and your identity on the site EuroContact Patronal (contract Maximus) (contract Maximus)
3- You will receive all the contact forms for free!

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product-3 Romania / Moldova Comerciala: emailing campaign sent to Romania / Rep. Moldova in Romanian (euro / 195) * (click here )) product-3Emailing Corporate: e-mailing campaigns on demand, - from 25,000 to 1,000,000 BtoB or BtoC * - (click here) product-3Euro Review: emailing campaign sent in 8 languages in 10 countries in Europe (3,000,000 contacts) (975 euro / campaign) * - (click here))* -i) product-3House Ecommerce Romania Moldova emailing campaign sent in Romania / Rep. Moldova in Romanian (400,000 contacts) Quarterly (145 euro / campaign) *- (click here)

Oportunitaţi de afaceri /

Opportunités d'affaires

Oportunities BUSINESS IN ROMANIA AND REP. OF MOLDOVA: emailing campaign sent to 700,000 emails in Romania, Moldova and France in Romanian and French - (650 euro / campaign) * - (click here)

1 – publish your own ads and respond to business opportunities in 8 languages (8) (anonymous or not)

2 – Be contacted by members GPRMs interested in your ads


– Our services Council

– Our intermediation services

Newsletter"Corporate" for effective communication

Decide NOW !, I subscribe Maximus: € 799 / year

+ Opportunity Unlimited of your presence in 8 languages ??in "Business Opportunities"!

+Your multi language space for your company presentation

+ Possibility to publish anonymous ads (managed by Grup Patronal)

+ Duration of display ads: 12 months

+ Maximum Number of ads: 20 ads / year

+ Number of possible translations per ad: two translations * / announcement        

+Maximum number of characters translated : 2 000 /add

+Messages : 2 translations by message

Number of translated characters : 12500

Couriere services, your company directory, consulting of opportunities 

François Renaut
President Group Patronal Romania Moldova
Email :
Tel RO : 00 40 723 325 822

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